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results for 'Dr Clare E Wilkes' filtered on known identifier
Known creators or right holders: Peter Greenhalgh
Known identifiers: ISBN o 7190 1763 7 cased
Category: Written works
Licensee name: Louis J Cabri
Status: Application Withdrawn (OWLS000319-1)
Orphan work image
Known creators or right holders: Lieutenant C Jowsey
Known identifiers: Imperial War Museum has it listed as Q 102210
Category: Still visual art
Licensee name: Simon Gunn
Status: Application Withdrawn (OWLS000069-1)
Known creators or right holders: J Venable , Shelview Pub. Co/J Shelton Jr
Known identifiers: Record Label Numbers Daran: D0108 Beacon: SBEAB9 Windmill: WMD 124
Category: Sound recordings
Licensee name: ND Emery
Status: Licence Granted (OWLS000058-1)