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Details of this orphan work

These are the known details of this orphan work. If you know who the right holder is for this work, please contact us.

Work details

Applicant or licensee name:
755 Deep, c/o Hopscotch Films
Applicant or licensee country:
United Kingdom
Application number:
Application date:
Status of application:
Application Withdrawn
Title or short description:
The Monster, 1976.Produced and directed by Arthur H. WolfProduction Company, Centron
Full description:
Run time: 14.48 mins. An overview of the reasons for the Loch Ness Monster legend and discussion of various sightings.Shotlist: is always called Loch Ness and it is probable that the name would have been synonymous with mystery and dread even without the presence of a monster (SCOTTISH FIELD MAGAZINE) (0.23) shot Loch Ness (0.36) talking head of Lady Rosemary (0.59) c/u Loch Ness (1.11) Lady Rosemary (1.20) gvs Loch Ness (1.46) man with camera on banks talking (2.31) man indicating monster, which resembles a plesiosaurus, on chart with insert photos of sightings (3.41) pan shot of Foyers on Loch Ness and gvs. (5.01) tracking shot from car of road through trees (5.14) signpost for Culloden battlefield (5.21) pan shot over battlefield with c/us of markers of fallen clans (5.49) shots Drumnadrochit fort (6.54) gvs Loch Ness from various angles (7.47) pan shot of abbey at Fort Augustus (8.00) talking head of monk? (8.30) c/u stone gargoyle (8.40) c/u recent roadby Loch Ness ( 8.50
Moving images
Type of work:
TV documentary
Museum, gallery, library or archive holding the work:
National Library of Scotland's Moving Image Archive
Details and dates of publication, broadcast and/or distribution:


Known creators or right holders

Type Located Name
Co-creator No Directed - Arthur H. Wolf
Co-creator Yes Production Company - Centron

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