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Details of this orphan work

These are the known details of this orphan work. If you know who the right holder is for this work, please contact us.

Work details

Applicant or licensee name:
Mr. Steven D. Smale
Applicant or licensee country:
United Kingdom
Application number:
Application date:
Status of application:
Licence Granted
Title or short description:
Demo Estate
Full description:
An article published in the Northern Rhodesia Journal: 1958, Volume 3, Number 5, page 435-441. See
Written works
Type of work:
Journal article
Museum, gallery, library or archive holding the work:
The Livingstone Museum in Livingstone, Zambia. They have been contacted and they have given their permission to republish the article, provided they are paid a small fee (20 US dollar), receive a free copy of the book and have their name credited.
Details and dates of publication, broadcast and/or distribution:
Northern Rhodesia Journal, 1958, Volume 3, Number 5, page 435-441.


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Known creators or right holders

Type Located Name
Creator No Robert Murray-Hughes

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