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Details of this orphan work

These are the known details of this orphan work. If you know who the right holder is for this work, please contact us.

Work details

Thumbnail of still image:
Orphan work image
Applicant or licensee name:
BPNS or Sue Robinsn
Applicant or licensee country:
United Kingdom
Application number:
Application date:
Status of application:
Application Withdrawn
Title or short description:
Poster advertising Colman's Mustard with a Polar Bear
Full description:
This poster was used to advertise Colman's Mustard in 1920'
Still visual art
Type of work:
Museum, gallery, library or archive holding the work:
University of Exeter and University of Essex, BPNS and History of Advertising Trust. In 2014 Unilever (who held the copy right) handed the poster to BPNS to manage. The work has been attributed to John Hassall but this is disputed. It is my view it comes under unknown artist. Staff at Unilever advised applying for permission under license to orphan work.
Details and dates of publication, broadcast and/or distribution: It is easily found on line by searching google images Colman's Mustard Polar Bear and is widely available.


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Known creators or right holders

Type Located Name
Employer No Please more detailed explanation.
Publisher Yes BPNS

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