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Manchester University Press
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United Kingdom
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Licence Granted
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Isaac Pyke, Frontispiece to The Stringers Journall, ink on paper, 1713
Full description:
The work is an illustration seeing as a frontispiece which prefaced Pyke’s narrative of his journey aboard The Stringer from Bombay to England between 1712-13 and illustrates his impression of the encounter with the East. The frontispiece depicts two soldiers in uniform bearing arms and flanking an early crest of the East India Company that includes heraldic sea lions and ships and bears the legend, ‘Deus Indicat’, that translates as God directs [the way]. In front of this standard, three distinctly Oriental men in flowing robes and headgear kneel in submission bearing bales of goods as well as jars and wares for trade. A palm tree situates them squarely in the tropics while the figures contain clues identifying them as Indian, Persian and Chinese, major trading partners of the East India Company ascertained by the items of their trade.
Still visual art
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British Library
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