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Details of this orphan work

These are the known details of this orphan work. If you know who the right holder is for this work, please contact us.

Work details

Applicant or licensee name:
Andree-Ann Deschenes
Applicant or licensee country:
United States
Application number:
Application date:
Status of application:
Application Withdrawn
Title or short description:
Piano music scores by Brazilian composer Jayme Ovalle
Full description:
Brazilian composer Jayme Ovalle published his piano music during his lifetime, with publishing house Casa Arthur Napoleao in Brazil. This publishing house is now defunct, but the British Library has copies of the scores I am looking for. Here are the opus numbers I am looking for: Op. 6 no.1 Martello No.2 Desafio No. 3 XangoOp. 7 CantilenaOp. 8 AboioOp. 9 no.1 Estudo No.2 ScherzoOp. 11 Lembrancas de S. Leopoldo No.1 Curiata de Coqueiro No.2 PaquetaOp. 12 PreludioOp. 13 Cantos RomeirosOp. 14 Dos Retratos No.1 Manuel Bandeira No. 2 Maria do CarmoOp. 15 NininhaOp. 17 Album de IsoldaOp. 18 NinanatatanaOp. 19 Legenda IOp. 20 Dois tangosOp. 22 Legenda 2Op. 23 Legenda 3Op. 24 DevaneioOp. 25 NoturnoOp. 26 LamuriaOp. 27 Dois ImprovisosOp. 28 HabaneraOp. 29 RomancaOp. 31 MadrigalOp. 32 Valsa
Music notation
Type of work:
Printed music (for example, sheet music)
Museum, gallery, library or archive holding the work:
The British Library
Details and dates of publication, broadcast and/or distribution:
Casa Arthur Napoleao is the only known publisher - this company does not exist anymore, and no successor has been identified.


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Known creators or right holders

Type Located Name
Composer No Jayme Ovalle
Publisher No Casa Arthur Napoleao

Known identifiers

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