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Boom Cymru TV
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United Kingdom
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Licence Expired
Title or short description:
Photo of Aryton Senna from what we think is 1993
Full description:
The photograph is of F1 racer Ayrton Senna. It came from Autosport magazine, where the public were asked to write in and pay a fee to get one of these 50 photographs. I have contacted Autosport but they do not have a record of the photographer for this photograph. It looks very similar to other photos taken on Aryton Senna racing in the 1993 Grand Prix.
Still visual art
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It was published in AutoSport magazine in around 1996 or May 1993. I have contacted Autosport but they do not have records that go back this far. They have checked a number of issues for me but they can't find it in their database.


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